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What Do I Need? 

24 Hours

Open Heart

Open Mind

Kindness feels and shows itself different for everyone.
This challenge is about being MORE of what kindness means to you. 

  • If kindness means listening more. Listen more.

  • If kindness means taking care of your body. Do self care.

  • If kindness means volunteering. Volunteer.

  • If kindness means going the extra mile.. Go for it!

Don't worry about being perfect. 
Be Authentic, Be Generous & Be Kind…. 


Disclaimer: You may find yourself needing patience, a time out, a sense of humor, and coffee. Ok tea and a lighted candle instead of coffee. But you get the picture. 

Why 24 Hours ?

24 hours is totally attainable and noteworthy.

In 24 hours you will start to notice what kindness means to you. 

In 24 hours you will have plenty of opportunities to practice kindness.

What Happens After 24 Hours? 

Will you look at that.

You're already feeling like a kindness warrior!

Ready to take the world on spreading kindness everywhere! 


We love it! Beautiful 

We will check in with you by email after 24hrs and see how you're doing and send you more resources on living a kindness lifestyle beyond 24 hours.

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