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Minimal Desk

Thank you for reaching out. 


As I work on my teachings and creating the platform you see here, it's often in a place of solitude, so I don’t spend a lot of time on emails and honestly answering the phone does not nourish my soul.


I do understand though, you may have questions.

Before you send an email, I might be able to answer your question here.

  • How do I know if First Light teaching is right for me?
    Ask yourself these questions. If you answer Yes, you're ready! Am I willing to take full responsibility for my actions and the consequences of them? First Light Spirit-led teaching is about owning it and walking your talk in the good times and through the mistakes. Am I willing to try different things? In a Spirit-led walk we often have to get out of our comfort zone and try new things. The important thing is to work in peace and joy and the passion to move forward. Do I respect those who may think differently than me? Not everyone is going to think, believe or behave as you do. Many will practice a different business model than you, but how will you react to them when things are not a match? Will you respect them even when they disagree? Am I committed to following where spirit leads me? Putting your trust into something bigger than yourself can be scary and takes time. Though we provide tools in our teaching on how to do this, it is your choice alone if you will make the commitment.
  • Who is the teacher?
    Rev. Kimberly Henderson is the teacher. To learn more about Kim and her testimony click here.
  • Who is the book My Inhertitance for?
    Do any of the following things sound true for you? + You are ready to allow blessings and financial prosperity. + You desire to connect to your tribe to achieve your goals. + You wish to give to others and make real change in the world. + You want to develop your traits as a high value entrepreneur. + You are ready to get clear about your commitments and nourish your soul. + You want to place your trust in something bigger than yourself for your prosperity. If you said YES lets begin here...
  • Where can I buy your books?
    You can buy my most current books at amazon.

Thanks for reaching out.

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