Love Yourself

Mindset Session

3 simple sessions to get your prosperity, kindness & generous mindset activated.

Session Tips

  • In your daily meditation practice, sit with one mindset in silence. 

  • Use the mindset title as a mantra throughout your day.

  • Post your mindset title where you can visualize it easily

Prosperity Mindset

There is enough money for everyone to be prosperous.

This one mindset can be a game changer. Repeating this as a mantra several times a day quickly removes your competition and scarcity thoughts and opens your energy to the abundance that is your inheritance.


Kind Mindset

Bless those who don't fit.

Not everyone is going to be a perfect fit in your life and that is OK.

Don’t place blame or beat yourself up. This is part of the journey for both of you. Be kind to yourself. And be kind to them as you let them go.


Generous Mindset

Give back from the heart.

When trying to give something back to the amazing people in your life it's important to put your heart into it. Giving does not have to be complicated or expensive. Send a handwritten thank you card, give a homemade gift with personal meaning between you and only that person or send an email that asks about their wellbeing. Be real and build a relationship that will last.



Prosperity Mindset
Kind Mindset
Generous Mindset


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