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The Entrepreneurs Bible


Testimonies are powerful.

Revelations 12:11 speaks about how we can overcome our enemy by the word of our testimony.


In John 5:31, he expresses, “If I alone bear witness about myself, my testimony is not deemed true.” Basically, scripture says to walk your talk and be a witness for others.

By following these same principles, I will share my teachings with integrity and transparency.

I’m not perfect, but I have successfully tested and practiced what I teach and am a witness to the abundance that is our inheritance.

I hope you find comfort in hearing my testimony below and know that you too are valuable.

Love & Light,



I was raised in the early 70’s as a Catholic, which meant attending Catholic school. Around the age of 10, I was asked to leave the school for reasons that will become apparent throughout my testimony story. But prior to leaving, I was taught an overwhelming amount of information, both in the classroom and in church, about my inheritance and the promises of God.

Yet, in my own household, I was taught that nothing was promised, that you had to work hard for everything, and most of your value came from what you did, became, looked like or showed to others.

As a result of these conflicting teachings, I questioned everything and began my own series of tests and exercises to try and determine what was true. I found that when I spent time alone in the Word of God, followed the principles and allowed Spirit to lead me, my exercises worked, and I was abundant, loved and whole!

Still, in school I was labeled as a C or D student. Testing every side of things usually meant I ran out of time processing what actually worked. Add on a speech impairment and a few other special gifts, and I had to do most exercises a dozen times outside of school before I fully understood the lessons.


Eventually, over the years, the efforts I made to change my surroundings and understand my own value through Spirit brought better grades and increased my processing speed tenfold.

As I continued to grow into my teenage years, whenever I witnessed something different or reached a new level, everything seemed to slow down again. By the time I reached my mid-20’s, I had a daughter and had been through a divorce. That’s when I knew I had to make another life altering change.

I had several serious medical conditions, and I bounced back and forth from anxiety to depression. I had just lost my brother unexpectedly and had (to put it mildly) to deal with a dysfunctional family. With a 6-year-old to feed on my own now and only a few hundred in the bank with rent due, I took a leap and started a company on the simple faith that my inheritance from God was real. I knew I was worth it.

One driving force for me was that I knew I would make a difference in the world. I was going to be financially stable and be an example to my daughter of how valuable everyone is no matter what they have been told, no matter where they came from!!

I was going to do this all while being imperfect in the eyes of human beings. Yes, I was going to make mistakes, just like everyone else, but that does not diminish my value or my inheritance.

I can testify  that in the 25 years since I started my company, I’ve been walking my talk using the teachings I will present to you here. That same company I started all those years ago with just $160.00 is now worth millions. Through that company, I’ve provided jobs and supported tens of thousands of entrepreneurs with an amazing team, all while actively giving back and tithing each step of the way.

I can testify that my inheritance is real. Even through many recalibrations and mistakes, I am abundant.

I can testify that I have been an example for my daughter on how valuable everyone is. I watch her, as an adult, be kind, generous and prosperous as she manages our company and her personal life with integrity.


I can testify from my own practice that the exercises in my teachings work, and I am financially stable and am making a difference in the world.

Now it's your turn. In this program, you will read more of my personal testimonies, and you will see every step of the way what is possible.


I look forward to this journey with you.

Love & Light


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