My Inheritance 

This course will focus on money and spirituality. 


You will find normally cold financial terms warmed by biblical scripture and personal notes to support each teaching.

With simple actions your money mindset will awaken, your heart will open and new habits will start to form.

We recommend to spend a week in each module to keep the flow of energy consistent.

Each Session has 3 specific areas.

To START Simply click a Module. 


Session 1:  Your Inheritance 

Start by gaining knowledge about your natural birthright and all its blessings. Then, learn how to hold the vibration of gratitude and feel joy, peace and happiness with those things around you, seeing things as they will be. 

Session 2:  Allowing Prosperity  

Learn the importance of allowing and creating a natural rhythm for prosperity. Take one simple action to build a long-term personal relationship full of trust with something bigger than ourselves.

Session 3: Bookkeeping 

Get clear about your commitments and what may be blocking your prosperity. Create simple ways to remind yourself who you serve and why when accessing your money. Finally, learn about the nourishment of your soul and how to show gratitude to others. 

Session 4: Divine Compensation  

Answer specific questions to create a vibrational match to your price. Take steps to let go and delegate to others things that can give them joy and review a pre-designed map of divine compensation.

Session 5: Team Development

Develop your traits as a high value entrepreneur and take a look at who should be in your inner circle to help you have a prosperous business. Work beyond the physical and reach out to hire the heavens for guidance and success. 

Session 6: Affirming Abundance

Learn more about supporting your wellbeing and the powerful influence prosperity affirming has on your mind, body and spirit. Take daily action by simply using our examples to affirm and go beyond your comfort zone to create more prosperity.