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Start Living

Your Next Chapter 

Kindle edition comes with special online audio and workbook links free.

It's no accident that you're here. 


Vibrationally something matched within you to this book and here you are. 


Some of these things or even all of these things might ring true.


  • You are ready to allow blessings and financial prosperity.

  • You desire to connect to your tribe to achieve your goals.

  • You wish to give to others and make real change in the world.

  • You want to develop your traits as a high value entrepreneur. 

  • You are ready to get clear about your commitments and nourish your soul.

  • You want to place your trust in something bigger than yourself for your prosperity.


Even if only one of these rings true, you are ready. Ready to take action.


This ebook contains 6 sessions focused on cultivating entrepreneurship, money and spirituality. Learn how to live abundantly everyday with your inheritance. 


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Workbook Journal: Access your very own My Inheritance workbook journal. Complete exercises from the book with ease with over 70 fillable pages with option to print. 


Audio Exercise Sessions: Listen to over 11 session exercises with individual audio recordings.


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