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Awareness of the Changing World

Welcome kindred spirit, before we begin let's bring awareness to why you were drawn to this topic.

How does your body feel when you reflect on The Changing World?

What emotions come to the surface?

What beliefs do you have surrounding this topic?

What stories do you tell yourself and others about this?

How will being mindful of the Changing World help support your day-to-day life?

With a deep exhale bring a gentle awareness that others are feeling similar about the Changing world as you.

Let's Begin

The very nature of mindfulness is to tune in to your experience at any given moment, noticing as you go that every experience is impermanent.

That is to say, everything is always changing.

Feelings come and go, thoughts arise and pass, and sounds pop up and disappear.

We can use this changing nature as the object of our awareness during the day.

Tuning in to all the changes in the world will help you identify impermanence in action and give you a variety of things to focus on.

Sit outside or near a window, and leave your eyes open.

Set the intention to rest in the awareness of your present-time experience.

Now place your awareness on the body and the breath, taking in where you are and how you are sitting.

Begin by noticing where you can feel motion in the body as you sit still.

Rest with the breath and pay attention to the abdomen, chest, shoulders, and anywhere else you can sense the change.

Open to your sense of hearing.

Notice the presence of any noises, specifically tuning in to their changing nature.

You may hear cars coming and going, your breath flowing in and out, birds chirping and stopping, or any other sounds as they rise and eventually fade away.

When a sound comes into your awareness, focus on it for a few moments before opening up to other sounds again.

Finally, use your sense of sight and see the movement in the world.

What can you see that is moving or changing?

There may be obvious movement, like cars driving, trees blowing in the wind, or people on the move.

You may also notice subtle signs of movement and change, like the browning of leaves, clouds floating across the sky, or grass that has been growing.

After 10 minutes, return to the sensations of movement in the body.

Reground yourself for a few moments before returning to your day.

Thank you for practicing bringing awareness of the changing world


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