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Recognizing What You Need

Welcome kindred spirit, before we begin let's bring awareness to why you were drawn to this topic.

How does your body feel when you reflect on recognizing what you need?

What emotions come to the surface?

What beliefs do you have surrounding this topic?

What stories do you tell yourself and others about this?

How will being mindful of recognizing what you need help support your day-to-day life?

With a deep exhale bring a gentle awareness that others are feeling similar about this as you.

Let's Begin

When you begin tuning in mindfully to your experience,

you may also start to notice your difficulties and struggles.

Part of mindfulness is recognizing what you need in these moments.

See if you can respond in a way that promotes your well-being and freedom

and not in a way that perpetuates your pain and suffering.

This practice offers a concrete way to pause and look at your needs in a given moment.

Sit up as straight as you are able, and gently close your eyes.

For this practice, it is helpful to start with a few minutes of concentration practice to truly settle.

Pick a location in the body where you can feel the body breathing,

and tune in to the sensations of the breath for a couple of minutes.

Bring to mind a recent situation that you found difficult or painful.

Without falling too far into the story, acknowledge how this experience feels in the present moment.

With the memory and experience present in your consciousness, ask yourself what you needed at that moment.

Focus on general emotional needs, like compassion, understanding, and insight.

With this difficulty, what would have helped you?

When a need pops up, say to yourself, “I need….. I needed _______.”

Continue to tune in to other needs, really pausing to acknowledge each one.

After a few minutes, turn your awareness to your experience in the present.

Refraining from stories and goals, ask yourself what you need right now.

Let go of thoughts about getting stuff done, completing tasks, and pleasing others.

Focus on your deeper needs of self-care, patience, or whatever is true for you at this moment.

Wrapping up this practice, reflect on your own capacity to meet your needs.

Can you do something to meet those needs right now?

Are there any needs you have that are not within your power to fulfill?

Offer yourself self-care, compassion, and patience.

Thank you for practicing and recognizing what you need.


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