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Your challenges are a reflection of your strength at this time.

There are days when you need strength just to get out of bed, shower, and eat, and sometimes you need strength to run a business and handle legal matters and bills. No matter the challenge your inner strength is at the forefront now to handle the task.

When the strength card shows it's time to take stock of the amazing strength that lies within you. Recall those moments in the past when your strength was prominent.

The shadow and loving sides of your soul are ready to compassionately make positive choices no matter the size of your challenge.

Use forgiveness, acceptance, and self-love to move forward with courage.

Attracting Prosperity
Understand and improve your approach to potential prosperity issues.

Relationship Insights
How well suited you are for each other. What you’re able to accomplish together.

Career & Success

Understand what you want to do professionally so you can be happy with what you are doing now.

How you will function with a specific other person and how well it will work out for you.

Romantic Relationship Moving Forward
Is this the person for you, not just romantically, but for ever after?

Mending Fences
You don’t know what to do. You don’t like where you are, but you have no clue how to progress.

Horoscope Spread
This most comprehensive and informative Tarot spread covers important aspects of your life and the likely outcomes

Horseshoe Spread
Gain insight into a situation as it evolves and make choices that will bring about what you desire.

Celtic Cross
Examine a situation in depth by looking at a varying number of influences affecting it.

Making Choices
Different possibilities. Maybe a choice between jobs, lovers, living situation, or any other A or B possibility.