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The Practice of Noticing and Accepting Your Body In The Present Moment

Welcome kindred spirit, before we begin let's bring awareness to why you were drawn to this topic.

How does your body feel when you reflect on accepting it?

What emotions come to the surface?

What beliefs do you have surrounding Noticing and Accepting Your Body In The Present Moment?

What stories do you tell yourself and others about accepting your body?

How will being mindful about this help support your day to day life?

With a deep exhale bring a gentle awareness that others are feeling similar about this topic as you.

Let’s Begin

We will do a brief body scan that is helpful for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain.

The body scan is a mindfulness practice that will allow you some time to be in your body fully and to get to know how it’s feeling right now with your attention and awareness.

It offers a time to learn to effectively sit with body sensations, like discomfort and tension.

The focus of this practice is not to try to change anything about our experience.

Remember, there is no right way to feel in the moment.

The key to this practice is actually to simply notice and accept

whatever is present in the current moment.

As we go through this practice, I’m going to guide you to focus on various areas of the body noticing whatever arises.

If you realize you’ve become distracted or your mind wanders off, simply tune back into the sound of my voice and return to the practice.

You can begin this practice by finding a comfortable position either sitting or lying down.

You might find that if you lie down while doing this practice that you become tired and sleepy.

The goal of this practice is to try to stay present and awake in your experience,

so if you do find that you become drowsy, it might be best to find a comfortable sitting position.

But what’s most important is that you feel comfortable. So take a moment and find a comfortable position, and allow your body to come to stillness.

When you’re ready, gently close your eyes. Take a moment to feel your body as a whole.

Bring attention to the fact that you’re breathing in this body.

Allow yourself to experience your breath in and out.

Not trying to change or deepen it in any way, simply notice it.

Try following the full cycle of your breath, the in-breath, the out-breath.

Relax into this natural rhythm and flow of your breath, and allow it to bring you more deeply into this moment.

On your next out-breath, I’d like you to direct your attention and your breath down through your body, through your left leg to the toes of your left foot

simply noticing any sensations that might arise,

noticing the space between your toes,

noticing any feelings of tension or tingling, perhaps noticing the temperature.

Expand your awareness through your foot and to your ankle,

noticing the point of contact at the bottom of your foot,

the surface and the structure of your foot and ankle.

And now rest your complete attention on your lower leg,

again simply becoming aware of all of the sensations,

just noticing.

No need to change anything about what you experience.

And now through your knee and the underside of your knee,

expand your attention to include your thigh and up through your hip,

again noticing any sensations,

perhaps tingling, achiness, tension.

Perhaps you’re noticing a sensation of relaxation.

Whatever sensation you experience in this moment, attend deeply to it and allow it to be.

And now breathe into the toes of your right foot,

again allowing your attention to rest lightly,

simply noticing the point of contact,

perhaps the muscles, the tendons…

Bring your attention to your right shin and calf,

the whole lower leg, up through your right knee, right thigh, and up through your hip,

perhaps noticing any achiness or tension, tingling,

paying attention to the temperature.

As you attend deeply to your body, you may notice sensations that feel strong or uncomfortable.

Notice and Accept Your Body now in the Present Moment

Allow yourself to be open with this experience and to breathe into the feeling of discomfort, simply noticing and allowing whatever you experience in this moment.

Notice through your waist and your abdomen any tension or holding, simply bringing your awareness to this area.

And now move up your body to focus on your lower back, noticing the position of your spine, the muscles along your spine, noting the sensation of your rib-cage

as it rises and falls as you breathe.

And now bring your attention to your chest. Are you aware of the sensation of your lungs expanding and contracting, Or perhaps the beating of your heart?

Focus your attention on your collarbones and your shoulders, continue down your right arm through the elbow, the wrist, your fingertips,the spaces between your fingers.

And now come to the left side of your body from your shoulder down through your left arm, elbow, wrist, and fingertips, bringing attention and awareness to whatever sensations you’re experiencing in this moment.

Notice and Accept Your Body NOW in the Present Moment

And now focus your attention on your neck, your jaw, your face, and the crown of your head.

Take this moment now to feel the body as a whole from the crown of your head

down to the tips of your toes, scanning for any sensation that might pull your attention,

trying to open to that sensation.

And now as you sit with the experience of your body as a whole,bring your attention to your breathing, simply noticing your breathing body, awake, tuned in, relaxing into this rhythm and flow of your breath as it allows you to sit deeply in this moment.

And now as this practice comes to a close, take the moment to acknowledge the time you spent intentionally nourishing your body by resting in this awareness.

Congratulate yourself for the energy and the effort it took to stay aware and form an intention to continue to practice this in your everyday life and a wish that the benefits of this practice can flow into your experience of your everyday life.

When you’re ready, you can take a nice deep breath and open your eyes.

Thank you for practicing Noticing and accepting your Body in the Present Mome

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