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The Practice of Using a Trigger For Mindfulness

Welcome kindred spirit, before we begin let's bring awareness to why you were drawn to this topic.

How does your body feel when you reflect on using a trigger for mindfulness?

What emotions come to the surface?

What beliefs do you have surrounding mindfulness?

What stories do you tell yourself and others about triggers?

With a deep exhale bring a gentle awareness that others are feeling similar about this topic as you.

The Awareness Trigger - Lets Begin

One of the most difficult parts about practicing mindfulness is actually remembering to


For this reason, an awareness trigger can help you form a habit.

You can incorporate this at multiple points throughout your day, experiment with different triggers, and use different methods of mindfulness with this exercise.

In the morning, pick one task or event that is likely to happen a few times during the day, for example, the sound of the phone ringing, the act of sitting down, or seeing the color red.

Picking one event or behavior, set a clear intention to use this as a trigger for mindfulness throughout your day.

Take a moment to connect with your goals and hopes for yourself, encouraging awareness during your day.

Whenever you notice your trigger, pause and practice a few moments of mindfulness.

Work with the breath, observing the points of contact.

After dedicating a few moments to present-time awareness, you can return to your daily life.

Remember to continue bringing awareness to the present moment whenever your trigger arises throughout the day.

Thank you for practicing using a trigger for Mindfulness.


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